Thursday, August 11, 2011

"Ugly" Dolls and Narrow Views

In a rather judgmental post about the "ugliness" of the "Reborn" baby dolls, the author states:
" I can’t imagine cuddling what looks like a corpse to heal from the loss of a real baby"
Wow--a little compassion, maybe. Not everyone thinks/feels the way you do. The devastation that someone who has lost a baby feels is beyond comprehension. I feared that I would lose my son when he was first born because of certain complications. Had that happened I don't know what would have become of me. I have had something of a traumatic past and I have certain psychological issues, and although I do recognize and live in material reality, during certain very traumatic times in my life those boundaries have become blurred. I remember on one occasion I lost a very beloved kitten and I found a plush kitten toy that looked like him to remember him by.
I am glad that your experiences in life lead you to have such coldly "sane" views on things. Not everyone is wired that way.
Also, these dolls don't look "ugly" to me, though I would not pay $1000 for them. Perhaps that is the purpose of the dolls--to challenge our narrow concepts of beauty. I once babysat for a baby whom everyone thought was ugly. I didn't see him as ugly. I saw him as a baby.
This one looks as if she might have Down syndrome. Wow--imagine being proud of your baby in spite of her handicap, or wanting to remember the little one who didn't survive, who happened to have Down syndrome. Unheard of!

I think it's nice to see dolls that don't look like they came from a mold. Though it would be good if they were a tad more affordable!
One commenter said these dolls would be good to use as babies in movies (not a rude "horror movie" comment) and I agree! I think they lend realism. Personally if I had money I think I would add one to my collection.
My son looked rather like an adorable little gnome when he was born. He was not a stereotype pretty baby but he was a beautiful baby. He would probably be embarrassed if I did but one day I would like to have a baby doll in the likeness of him when he was first born. He would also be embarrassed about the fact that he will always be my baby, even when he has achieved his goal of becoming a pharmacist and/or medical doctor!