Sunday, January 22, 2012

WTF--I don't go on Facebook for a while and when I finally decide to my message box is full of spam. Death to Spammers!

RT @dcdebbie Santorum took Iowa & Gingrich is going to take S. Carolina. Republicans are completely split on their hatred against Romney.

RT @joy_hart RT @whisper1111: gingrich was too unethical for congress.. like manson is too evil for jail

RT @ajenglish Video: Illegal logging endangers south Philippines

RT @sralphw Lovely, shocking, eye-opening film by @MiaFarrow on the horrible situation in Darfur: awareness

RT @athinkingman RT @guardian Fruit and vegetable consumption by poorer families falls 30%, figures show

RT @liberaljaxx RT @ritaag Why Romney will release only his 2010 tax returns? Obama released 8 yrs in 2008, Romney shld do the same