Sunday, February 28, 2010

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Grow Your Own Pizza Garden

Yay! I can't wait till the little sauce cans start to sprout on the vine!

In all seriousness I've been thinking of renting a plot in the community garden and growing a few plants such as tomatoes and peppers, so I like this article for ideas.
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost Netherworld Ill-Health Minister Dr. Schitz schools you. The great Netherworld pharmacist Dr. Doo Doo turns on some spiders.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cheesemeister and Crackers: Like a hamster on a wheel

Like a hamster on a wheel

The Cheesemeister has not forgotten her online friends--who happen to be more precious to me than diamonds--or at least than this diamond! Seriously, y'all mean a lot to me. But I may not be around as much as I'd like. I'll be very busy for the next couple of months due to my work and clinical schedule so my postings and checking others' blogs will be sadly very sporadic. But I haven't forgotten you and will be around as I can!

I heart my big stinky cat. He is my bud!

Just discovered coconut milk kefir. It doesn't have the "tang" of dairy keifer, but its pretty good. Lactose intolerance = FAIL!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Dumbest Things Beauty Queens Have Ever Said

These gals certainly do nothing to help put to rest the dumb beauty queen stereotype. Many years ago I was at a jazz music clinic and there was also a beauty pageant going on. All these girls talked about (when they talked) was makeup and hair spray. I stepped into the elevator with one and in an attempt to make polite small talk I remarked on what a windy day it was.

Her reply, in a breathless voice:

"ohhhhh! Reeeallly?"

Guess her stiffly sprayed hair failed to prevent the wind from blowing into one of her ears and blowing her brain right out the other side.
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Friday, February 12, 2010

Thoughts on sexist, racist, and homophobic super bowl ads

This is simply a copy of a comment I left at the blog "The Sexist" regarding the sexism, racism, and homophobia that powered many of the advertisements shown during the Super Bowl. As it happens, I did not watch the Super Bowl. I really don't care about American football one bit, and there is too much hype surrounding the Super Bowl anyway, which is a huge turn-off.

Somehow I managed to raise a son who is masculine but not a sexist pig. Yes, people, it can be done.
Danica Patrick should be ashamed of herself. There are plenty of female athletes that do not choose the T&A route to promote themselves. I'm calling her out on this one. Nobody's holding a gun to her head and forcing her to promote the sexist Go Daddy. I would not use them for a hosting company even if they were the only game in town. But they are not and we need to let our wallets talk by not giving them any of our money.
Also, I happen to know gay men who love to watch football and not because they're looking at the players' asses. Most of the players are not "their type." They just enjoy the game. Yes, there are masculine gay men out there. A shocker for most people, I know.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

John Mayer Apologizes: I Was 'Arrogant' To Use N-Word

Too late for fake apologies, John. You're officially a dick.
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