Sunday, July 4, 2010

Waiting for the downpour to let up a little so I can get to my car and arrive at work without looking like I bathed in my clothes beforehand

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It's nice and cool tonight, which I like. Wish I wasn't going through one of my down times so I could enjoy it more. Mood disorders blow.

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In honor of U.S. independence, I have just consumed a double cheeseburger and Wild Fries from Good Times. America--Fuck Yeah!!!! (Burp!)

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Money talks so he'll probably get off easy in family court, but he should not be awarded anything but supervised visitation with their child, at most. And he should be ordered to pay a healthy amount of child support. Plus an extra fine for being such an acerbic d-bag.

I would hope that this vile rant would discourage future desperate women from allowing him into their lives and their pants. Unfortunately, once again, money talks, so he'll probably end up with another "love child" in the future.

He almost makes Charlie Sheen look charming and sensible.
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The Kardashians In Beach Bunny Bikinis: Photoshop Disaster? (PHOTO)

So true. They're trying to make people believe their swimsuits will make us look like what's in the photo. In reality, these swimsuits will make most people cry when they are on their bodies. Including naturally slim people. To me it says the product is crap if you can't make it look good on the average person, not the other way around.
About The Kardashians
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The Kardashians In Beach Bunny Bikinis: Photoshop Disaster? (PHOTO)

This sort of thing contributes to eating disorders in girls. NOBODY is that flawless. People have scars, stretch marks, blemishes, and cellulite. Adult women generally do not have super-skinny thighs. It's one thing to airbrush away a zit in a photograph that is to be placed in a magazine. Its quite another to entirely change the shape of a person's body to some arbitrary ideal.

I suppose I'm too much the idealist but I would like to have a world wherein we accept each other at all sizes, shapes, and ages and this horrible bashing of people for being bigger than a toothpick would be reviled rather than encouraged. This is not to say people shouldn't be encouraged to be at a healthy weight, but believe me, hateful commentary has never encouraged healthy attitudes in anybody. It reveals more about those who indulge in such bigotry than about those they attack.
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Happy fourth of July, people. Would anyone care for a bitchy cat that hates other cats? Just kidding, though I do get tired of her yowling.