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RT @athinkingman @SerenityWorks: if you watch jaws backwards its about a shark that throws up so many people that they have to open a beach

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Time to raise my Fishville fish from the dead!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Check out Tears for Fears – Mad World @lastfm via @lastfm How many people have covered this song anyway?

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Check out New Order – Murder @lastfm via @lastfm Dance into the Way Back machine with me now, People! Just in case you cared, here's my Google Buzz profile. Axe Man's surgery following the Mold Monster attack is a success--we think! Unsafe Sex Practices in the Adult Film Industry

Unsafe Sex Practices in Adult Film Unsafe sex practices

Claude W, one of the contributors at Pam's House Blend, wrote this compelling and disturbing article about the promotion of bareback sex in gay porn. It's important for everyone, gay and straight, to know and to pass it on. For a time I was attempting to make a little extra money by being an adult entertainment affiliate and I noticed this disturbing trend. There is also a market for it in the straight adult market, bragging about videos where men have sex with women without condoms. 
The only place ever for unprotected sex is in a 100% monogamous relationship. Otherwise, as Shock G said back in the 1990's, don't go anywhere without your Jim Hat.

All right, People, I'm off. Well, I'm always off, so I maybe better qualify--I'm out for awhile! Stay out of the damn dolphin cove, okay?

Playing the old flip to p. 56 in nearest book, pick out 5th sentence, and post game. My book is Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card. Card fan!

Instantly he flipped around, his feet flying over his head, and landed on his back against the wall. What is a Spirit Guide?

Has anyone ever heard of a cat who likes olive tapenade? Well, I have one! I don't let her have too much, but she loves it! Horrific mold monsters contribute to damage.