Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Cheesemeister is Back!
There are
people with my name in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

Wow! Only four people in the U.S. have my real name. Now, granted, I'm a little bit paranoid, but I think this is a darn good reason to blog using a pseudonym. People actually do get fired for their opinions. Those I come to trust get to know my real name and my other pen name(s) and they are soooo privileged.
For those who may not remember me, I am the Cheesemeister, aka the Snarkmeister. I'm opinionated. I'm confusicated. And I really want to be overrated. I don't really like conflict, but my opinions are my opinions. If you want to sway me, present a polite argument. I may or may not be swayed, but I will like you and welcome your return anytime. If you are an asshole, I won't bother with you. I'll rip shit on you once and then ignore you thereafter.
I cuss. I fuss. And sometimes I'll eventually trust. But you have to give me a good reason.
Politics makes me laugh and Sarah Palin is a real riot. I guarantee I'll be ripping shit on her. Hypocrites and Fundies (same thing) will also be targets of ridicule. I am confounded as to why most celebrities are celebrities, and they are not immune from being exposed for the self-absorbed asses they are.
I do have another blog where I satirize the many stupid things in our known world as well as the never-boring Netherworld. It is not listed in my blog roll because I want to be able to do what I like without catching flack from closed minds. It can be pretty controversial. If I decide I like you and you want the URL, let me know, and I'll give it to ya!
I am trying to come up with enough material to write a book as Cie Cheesemeister. Because I want to get paid for my writing, and being an unknown author writing about controversial topics is incredibly lucrative and satisfying. Just ask Lily Strange.
It's time for the Cheese to come out of the rind and return to the world of blogging. The Cheesemeister is back!


Nessa said...

there are 3 with my first and last name. There is actually one on the internet in Texas.

Your link color is really hard to read on the beautiful background. Maybe a darker color would work better.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate and a Happy Thursday just to celebrate.Wild Turkeys

Tom & Icy said...

That all good, but fix the format. That blurry picture and white font hurts the eyes and gives me a headache. See, I can gripe, too.

Anonymous said...


Cheesemeister said...

I'm working on tweaking the format. I want to keep the picture if I can. Let me know how I'm doing.