Monday, May 31, 2010

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Cheesemeister and Crackers: Wholesome and Cheery--so not!

Wholesome and Cheery--so not!

You Are a Whimsical Breakfast

You are a cheerful and upbeat person. You usually have a smile on your face.

You try to make the best of every situation, and you give yourself the time to slow down and enjoy life.

You make responsible choices and are always up on the latest information. You like to be in the know.

You like to life the good life, and you're all about seeking balance. You'll eat your waffles, but you'll have your fruit too!

Let me point out all the ways in which this is sooooo incorrect.
I have never in my life been terribly cheerful or upbeat. I was born down. Only my snarky sense of humor and early onset curmudgeony has saved me from jumping off a bridge. I do not smile a lot and when I do smile it isn't very broad. It actually hurts to smile big. I have a lot of TMJ problems.
I do try to make the best of things but I often feel like I'm wading through an endless sewer. How the fuck long can you make the best of wading through a sewer? 
I do not have the choice to slow down or I'll be broke and living on the street. I try to enjoy little slices of life. Because mostly my life is kind of crappy.
Yes, I do like to "life the good life." Now give me enough money to pay off my debts and not have to punch a time clock any more and I'll really be able to do so.
I do try to seek balance but rarely do I run into it. I'll eat waffles and fruit because I fucking like them. Why the hell else would I do it?
Now, go visit Thom's blog, which is where I got this quiz, and see some hot car sex with a real fly couple.

Does anyone else find the women in the "Bender Ball" ads super duper uber ANNOYING?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cheesy Driving Analysis

The Cheesemeister took the Road Rage test at's Analysis of
Your Driving Style
Print this page now if you wish to keep this information for personal use!
At we believe that there are four styles that should be considered to rate any driver: Safety, Aggressiveness, Courtesy and Rage. Any given driver will have a combination of these individual styles as parts of their driving "personality".
We also recognize that it is possible to be both a safe driver and an aggressive driver. Also you could be a courteous driver and still succumb to Road Rage.
Please enjoy the use of this test. Let the results be a window into your individual driving style. If you have any feedback regarding this test please contact us.
Here are your personal scores/results in the four areas that we analyzed:


You are a Very Safe Driver
Your Safety Score: 85 %
The average score among all people who have recently taken this test is 69.19%


You are a Marginally Aggressive Driver
Your Degree of Aggressiveness: 52.5 %
The average score among all people who have recently taken this test is 57.02%


You are a Very Courteous Driver
Your Courtesy Score: 97.5 %
The average score among all people who have recently taken this test is 73.75%


You are a Potential Road Rager
Your Degree of Rage: 45 %
The average score among all people who have recently taken this test is 55.55%%

Additional Features: Search for Road Rage and Bad Drivers in Boulder

The Cheesy One says: My true potential for road rage is far lower than that. I get this score because of my admission that I think most other drivers are idiots! I actually go out of my way to avoid altercations, I just cuss to myself about the ineptitude of the other morons behind the wheel!

Monday, May 3, 2010

7 Animals Being Eaten To Extinction (PHOTOS)

RockyMissouri: "We are just not that special--you can tell by reading some of the trite comments here to tell how 'special in their own minds' some commenters think they are."Mostly what they think is that they are oh so clever and funny although they are oh so not. The trolls come out early and stay up late.
About Animals
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost Best & worst sustainable seafood supermarkets.

Rupert Murdoch Fined $460K In Rugby Scandal

Scandal? Rupert Murdoch? Gasp! Say it isn't so!
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Smeg! Forgot my lunch! My thoughts on supporting HR 5092 and some history. Ban crush videos! Good thoughts re: the problems w/Arizona's new law.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dead Sea Turtles, Fish Wash Ashore In Gulf (PHOTOS)

I voted for Obama, but I'm furious that he signed the go-ahead to drill in this area. I thought he was more environmentally conscious than that. Of course if McCain and Sarah "Drill Baby Drill" Palin had gotten in office it would have been drilled without question. Of course Obama inherited a mess from the previous administration and I understand it will take time to clean up that mess, but I cannot get behind this particular decision of his at all.
About Animals
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Whatever Happened to Woo?

When I was young and naive, I dreamed that someday some good hearted fellow would feel such adoration for me as Victor Hugo felt for Adele. These days I just wish I could go to the sports bar and watch a hockey game without some hard-up idiot hitting on me.

I loved this article--but especially the picture of the dog in the tux!
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About ready to stop being useless and do something productive/constructive/creative again.

Lindsay Lohan Fights, Tweets For Cash, Holds A Gun To Her Mouth (PHOTO)

I realize that this statement will only get me sneered at but all of you making snide remarks about how she should just "kill herself and make way for more interesting people" and bragging about how you've placed bets on her to die soon are a reflection of how depraved and indifferent our society has become. Honestly I never understood the hoopla about her as a performer, particularly her singing, which was dreadful, but this is a human being. At the very least she deserves the generic good will of not wishing her the worst. So, at the risk of being the uncool old bat, shame on all of you who display such flagrant lack of even the most common decency.
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Lindsay Lohan In Trouble

Lindsay Lohan looks like a burned-out porn performer in her recent desperate attempts at sexy photos. She also looks at least ten years older than her chronological age. I'm not saying this as an insult, I'm saying that her recent behavior is out of control and she cannot stop herself from this downward spiral without intervention. The photo where she puts the gun to her mouth is a not very subtle cry for help. If this young woman does not get the help she needs, she will be dead in five years.

Just consumed Picatta for my bunghole and hope that you are not threatening me, for my bunghole will not wait!

The Squad

Facebook | Size Acceptance Movement

Plus Size 411

The Kickstarter Blog

HILLBILLY HOLOCAUST, an ultra low budget indie film. — Kickstarter

Things are looking up. Got my shipment of Lithium for the next 3 months, found my pouch with my driver's license and have $18 to last 3 days

Ban Offshore Drilling -- Permanently!

Whine time! I'm cold and unmotivated. Hungry but unmotivated to make anything. Need to go to the P.O. box to pick up lithium shipment. Faugh

SpongeBob Mood Badge

SpongeBob Mood Badge: "Put the SpongeBob Mood badge on your page."

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Cheesemeister and Crackers: Worth a Thousand Words

Worth a Thousand Words

Read the summary of the Sarah Palin emails on Palingates, the blog which exposes the Wicked Witch of the North for what she is.

palingates blog

Geoffrey Dunn: Sarah Palin's Latest Facebook Lie

NOT pleased that the person I helped put in office jumped on the "Drill Baby Drill" bandwagon and now we've another oil spill. Shame!

My 8 month old cat sounds like a crying baby when upset. He was upset about one of the older cats washing his tail. Silly beast!

Benjamin Franklin Quotes - The Quotations Page

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Cheesy One has never understood the school of thought that women should hide their real age. I only hid my age while too young to drink!

Dear Facebook, stop reminding me to add education and work info. I'm being forced into both work and continued education. Don't wanna list!

I need to get up, bathe, and get ready to go over to my parents' house to stay with my father so my mother can get out for a while.