Sunday, August 14, 2011

My Son Saw Sexually Explicit Material Online -- What Should I Do?

It was stated in print at the begining of the video that the child was nine. But I too find myself wondering what the nature of the material was. If it was ordinary sexual interactio­n, whether straight or gay, between two people, that would be reasonably easy to explain. It might be embarrassi­ng but I don't think it would be scarring. However if the material was violent or degrading or including such ugliness as children being violated sexually or bestiality­, then it would be scarring. I wish they would have been more clear about the nature of the material.
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Friday, August 12, 2011

Gloria Steinem Says The Kardashians Don't Empower Women

However, they completely lack something that the Gabor sisters possessed: class.
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Read the Article at HuffingtonPost The late Jani Lane and Warrant with one of the most hilarious music videos ever made.

Check out The Ataris – The Boys Of Summer via @lastfm

Thursday, August 11, 2011 Help the Cheesy One get on Drag U!

Ru Paul's Drag U

I am watching Ru Paul's Drag U, and I have tears in my eyes. I would love to be on Drag U too. When I was in high school and in my early 20's I participated in theatre. Over the years I've gained a lot of weight and lost my confidence. It wasn't that I ever thought I was beautiful, but I have let the opinions of others dull my inner beauty. I want to get my spark and theatrical persona back and gain some new confidence. I'm going to keep looking to see how I could send them an audition tape. It sounds like this would be a wonderful thing for so many of us!

RT @lesliecannold Sesame Street denies muppets have sexual orientation. Says Bert & Ernie will not marry but remain just friends Imperfect does not mean ugly

"Ugly" Dolls and Narrow Views

In a rather judgmental post about the "ugliness" of the "Reborn" baby dolls, the author states:
" I can’t imagine cuddling what looks like a corpse to heal from the loss of a real baby"
Wow--a little compassion, maybe. Not everyone thinks/feels the way you do. The devastation that someone who has lost a baby feels is beyond comprehension. I feared that I would lose my son when he was first born because of certain complications. Had that happened I don't know what would have become of me. I have had something of a traumatic past and I have certain psychological issues, and although I do recognize and live in material reality, during certain very traumatic times in my life those boundaries have become blurred. I remember on one occasion I lost a very beloved kitten and I found a plush kitten toy that looked like him to remember him by.
I am glad that your experiences in life lead you to have such coldly "sane" views on things. Not everyone is wired that way.
Also, these dolls don't look "ugly" to me, though I would not pay $1000 for them. Perhaps that is the purpose of the dolls--to challenge our narrow concepts of beauty. I once babysat for a baby whom everyone thought was ugly. I didn't see him as ugly. I saw him as a baby.
This one looks as if she might have Down syndrome. Wow--imagine being proud of your baby in spite of her handicap, or wanting to remember the little one who didn't survive, who happened to have Down syndrome. Unheard of!

I think it's nice to see dolls that don't look like they came from a mold. Though it would be good if they were a tad more affordable!
One commenter said these dolls would be good to use as babies in movies (not a rude "horror movie" comment) and I agree! I think they lend realism. Personally if I had money I think I would add one to my collection.
My son looked rather like an adorable little gnome when he was born. He was not a stereotype pretty baby but he was a beautiful baby. He would probably be embarrassed if I did but one day I would like to have a baby doll in the likeness of him when he was first born. He would also be embarrassed about the fact that he will always be my baby, even when he has achieved his goal of becoming a pharmacist and/or medical doctor!

I just joined Take Action - Ban Animal Gas Chambers on @causes! Can you help Peter with a small donation? I will tomorrow when I get paid if I can. Writing sister Rose LeMort finally has her manuscript wrapped!

I'd forgotten how damn funny Ellen DeGeneres is as a standup. She has this real folksy, conversational style. <3 Dumb things to say to pregnant women. Shockingly graphic baby shower cakes.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

@roselemort has got to finish the last of her edits. And I'm going to help her! This could be disastrous!

Circling the drain

People, the klutzy Cheesemeister just cut herself opening a bag of trail mix with a butter knife. Seriously, how pathetic is that???

I am wondering why "running" products keep showing in my sidebar to "like." Not that I don't "like" running, but I can't run. Bad hip/back. This is for @hitdanback RE: Gerard Depardieu

RT @emppalp Don't commit suicide alone. That's selfish! Make people pay money toward the national debt to see you fight a rhino w/a banana.

RT @emppalp Thought I saw Michele Bachmann eating an old American flag in my trash can but it was just a rat w/ eyes made of fire and hate.

RT @injusticefacts The avg male 18-35 spends 580 hrs/yr watching porn and only 54 hours a year having sexual relations with another person.

RT @water The water in your toilet is cleaner than nearly a billion people have to drink. fact Dressing beautifully for larger women

The scary Reconstructionist movement has their eye on government offices. A London citizen comments on the riots Baby duck feeds carp

Widow Says Eating Dead Husband's Ashes Helps Her Cope (VIDEO)

I was initially going to remark that despondenc­y makes people do strange things. However, I am wondering if she might have a form of pica, which causes people to crave consuming things like dirt, chalk, or laundry soap. I'm glad she is seeking help. I hope she will be all right.
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I am also appalled by the number of cruel, ignorant comments regarding this subject. No, pica (if that's what it is) is not a well-known disorder. But remarks about how gross this person is, or, more stupidly yet, about her size, is beyond the pale. Grow up. This individual is suffering. Let us have a little compassion­.

Margaret Jensvold, Maryland Mom Who Killed Son Ben Barnhard, Agonized Over School Costs

How completely and utterly sad. I live with suicide ideation myself, and have often thought about killing myself with the burden of debt that I have been under the last five years. I would not have thought of killing my son. In fact he is the only reason I am still alive. This woman must have been in utter despondenc­y to commit this act.

As well, it is time to address the bullying of heavy children. This is not excusable any more than bullying gay children or children with handicaps. Whether or not it is "healthier­" to be thin is a moot point. This boy, whatever size he was, should not have had to endure taunting. We need to stop giving carte blanche to those who scapegoat larger people. Cruelty is cruelty.
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Gerardo Martinez, Iowa Man, Charged With Bestiality After Attempting Sex With Cat

What a sick POS. How about we throw him from a seventh floor window. Hopefully there will be some animal lovers in prison who will give him some "due process."
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Eddie Holman singing the beautiful soul classic Hey There Lonely Girl. Hard to believe that falsetto voice came from that burly man! What is wrong w/people part 666,666,666,666

Texas Mother Allegedly Forced 6-Year-Old Daughter To Tape Group Sex Act

I agree that it's stupid to deny decent gay people the right to adopt. But this is not a matter of gay or hetero. It's a matter of right and wrong. This was horrific wrongdoing on this individual­'s part. I only hope that this child will be placed in a good home and will never have to be in contact with her so called mother again.
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There are times when I pull no punches. Creeps who rape defenseless animals & children deserve no sympathy whatsoever. They need to die. Burn in hell you worthless fucking piece of shit.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Waffles (Lafayette) the Cat WILL trample your keyboard should you have the audacity not to be petting him when he demands it!

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Go out and look for Perseid Meteor shower tonight! And join the world in watching with Meteorwatch

RT @injusticefacts Governments spend $1300 billion/yr on military expenditures while it only takes $13 billion to feed the world's hungry.

RT @soniawilson "Having no critics is a clear sign you are making no progress" via @CoryBooker When the caregiver becomes the patient.

John McCain On Tea Party 'Hobbit' Criticism: 'I Am Not Sorry For What I Said' (VIDEO)

The Tea Party reactionar­ies detract from messages of conservati­ves who have something to say that is worth listening to. I am in full agreement with Senator McCain in his criticism of these over the top individual­s.
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McCain Not Backing Down From Harsh Tea Party 'Hobbit' Criticism via @huffingtonpost In agreement w/McCain on this Wackiness remembered as UNDEAD archives their news through 2009.

UNDEAD in the Netherworld (The UNDEAD Network Facebook page) now continues archiving process. Next up: Rattling Bones Undead Musician Mag Cheesy Politics: Name calling not working.

Name Calling Accomplishes Nothing But Breeding Ill Will

What follows is a response to an article on which started with a typically incendiary statement by Rush Limbaugh comparing the London rioters to Obama voters. Funny, I voted for Obama and I never started one single riot. I walked to the polling place, voted, and walked home, all without setting one single house or car on fire. I have been at least moderately disappointed in Obama's performance, particularly when it comes to issues such as repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell (sure took damn long enough) and standing up for the gay voters who helped put him in office. But if the choice were him or Homo-Hatin' Bachmann, I'd certainly vote him in again. Is anyone else scared by the idea that this hate-filled individual is being considered at all seriously for the highest office in the land--or that she was able to get voted into ANY kind of office?

Here is my commentary on the article:

All the name-calling is getting us exactly nowhere. I am 46 years old and never since I was a child during the Viet Nam war have I seen the country more divided. People talk about wanting to vote in more conservative candidates because of the prosperity during the Reagan era. Reagan was nothing like today's right wing reactionaries. He was a moderate Republican and a gentleman, and would be ashamed of the vehemence displayed by his party today. 
The biggest problem I have with today's conservative candidates is their refusal to abide by separation of church and state. They bring their religious views to the forefront of many of their debates. This is intolerable and will continue to polarize the parties to the point that nothing positive can be accomplished.
I would like to see more fiscal conservatism and less Fundamentalist reactionary rhetoric in the Right wing. I would like to see less name calling and finger pointing on both sides. It is accomplishing nothing and so much needs to be fixed for the good of all.

Awww, I love hermit crabs! There is a nature program about them. I didn't have much luck with them. They need a lot of special care.

Is a Mama's Boy Always a Bad Thing?

A hilarious question at the GuySpeak website postulated whether all men had a "packed" not to talk about the horror which is being a "Mama's Boy." Here was my reply to one commenter who stated that her guy was a "mama's boy," but that just meant that he was respectful to and had a close relationship with his mom, and she respected that.

I hope that one day I will be lucky enough to have a daughter in law like you!
My son and I have a very close relationship, which may mean that he's a bit of a "Mama's Boy" but he isn't a wuss, and I don't order him about. He's 21 years old and studying to become a pharmacist, and I actually do everything I can to ensure that he will be successful, including helping him with cleaning, cooking, and getting to school. I would like to think that I will be respectful of his relationship with his significant other when he gets one and I would expect the same courtesy from her.

This post is a test to see if the link between Ping and my Multiply account is working. Had this been a real post it would be much cooler.

Don't get these weight loss shills following me on Twitter. I'm for Health at Every Size not thinness at all costs.

U don’t have 2 show everything hold some back & be yrself & let yr personality shine & individuality show. 2 me thats sexier ~Queen Latifah

The Cheesemeister has started work on her 1st Dr. Schitz medical mystery. Just like Robin Cook, except a lot less class and a lot more Shine

Creating a story just for the 100% pure fun of it!

When I first started my writing journey in 2005 I was full of hope to make a positive difference. Fuck everyone who robbed me of that hope.

The Cheesemeister is exceedingly freaked out by this ad featuring cartoon babies rating each other for filling their diapers with poop.

Monday, August 8, 2011 Just heard about this. My thoughts are with the people of London. So sad.

More to come in the next two days! End of year freakouts, December 2007 Freaky fashion for November 2007 Friendly advertising icons turn to crime during October 2007. The return of the chocolate frogs, September 2007 More UNDEAD summer lovin', August 2007 Mad UNDEAD love, July 2007 UNDEAD B Jammin' during June 2007 Join Leprechaun reporter Kizz Myass for all the May 2007 UNDEAD scandal. Shiz is getting serious in the Netherworld during April 2007. Big UNDEAD cock is prominent in March 2007. It isn't all fun and games for the UNDEAD news staff during February 2007 UNDEAD January 2007: A new year of scandal begins Happy UNDEAD holidays 2006 UNDEAD for November 2006. Safe for work but not for insectophobes. UNDEAD from October 2006. Really really really not safe for work. UNDEAD from September 2006. Also not entirely safe for work. UNDEAD for August 2006. Not completely safe for work. UNDEAD in July 2006. I used to have so much fun with this! This post simply introduces The Crappy Times in its glory.

I am saving old pages from my blogs (something I really should do monthly) and will give you all a little blast from the past here & there.

And yes, I do work. Hell, I might be getting more to eat if I was on welfare. That's one of the catch 22's.

I can tell y'all what the impoverished Cheesemeister is complaining about. Eating trail mix & grape juice for dinner since May is what!

CNN host on poor people: 'what are they complaining about?' via @huffingtonpost plastic face. Has Nervous Norvis found the one?