Friday, November 27, 2009

Time to Tell Sarah Palin She's Full of Crap

It's time to tell former Alaska governor Sarah Palin she's full of crap with her "Death Panel" lies. And Credo Action has created a petition to allow you to do just that. Just follow the link to sign the petition. And if you have a Twitter account, you can tweet this message to let others know how they too can tell Palin she's full of crap. You can also send it via Plurk, or use it as your Facebook or Myspace status, post it on Utterli, or anywhere else you see fit.

Millions of marginalized Americans stand to lose out on potential changes that would allow them access to health care should people believe the lies of Sarah Palin and other hard-line conservatives. If Sarah Palin had issues with certain parts of the proposed reform and was sensibly working to change those, I would not have these issues with her. But as it stands, she is indeed full of crap and it's time that she is told to cease her ridiculous propaganda once and for all.
I am not sure when the division between the Democratic and Republican parties became such that their attempts to destroy one another outshadowed all positive work, or when moderate Republicans became an endangered species, but my guess would be the Reagan era. It's a shame when the entire Republican party seems to now consist primarily of religious right reactionaries like Palin. "We The People" are the ones who will suffer if they and their ideals are allowed to flourish.


Wanda's Wings said...

People are scared so they tend to believe lies about death panels etc. It is sad that politicians are allow to spread falsehoods to scare the elderly.