Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Another Side to the Health Care Reform Bill

No, not blithering stupidity about death panels. Just some thoughts on why the bill as it currently stands needs some tweaking. This article offers some sensible thoughts. As well, these are some of mine. And you know I'm always a bastion of good sense!
My mother, a retired nurse, told me about what she saw as some huge flaws in the current plan, namely that there are currently not enough properly trained health care professionals to fill the needs that would be created by the current plan. I think the plan as currently envisioned needs revising, but health care form needs to be pursued for certain. Time to make training health care professionals a big priority. I know for a fact that a lot of community colleges (a big source for training nurses) are underfunded and there tend to be big waiting lists for nursing programs because there aren't enough instructors. The schools can't pay enough to recruit the instructors.
Bee-sides, thar's them thar death panels that we-un's gotta fear!
(only kidding about the last part.)