Sunday, December 20, 2009

Paging Dr. Asshole

A woman went for an eye exam, and the optometrist ripped on her for being overweight, pregnant, and unemployed. Hellooooo! It's an EYE exam, Jackass! He may lose his license for his rude behavior. The article is here. This was my response.

It is not the doctor's right to give the patient a ration of s**t for being pregnant and  unemployed and it is downright unprofessional for a doctor to ridicule or demean a patient. Even if the patient were overweight, pregnancy is not a time to be attempting weight loss. If he had said in a polite, professional manner that it is important for her to keep her diabetes controlled as uncontrolled diabetes can lead to vision loss, and that weight loss following the pregnancy could help keep her diabetes under control, he would have been behaving as a concerned health care specialist instead of a judgmental jerk.

The last paragraph was in response to this asshole comment:
Them: What is wrong with speaking the truth? If she is unemployed with no insurance, she has no business being pregnant. Probably on welfare and food stamps too. I'm tired of footing the bill for these lazy people while they have more kids to get more welfare.

Me: Speaking of judgmental jerks, Mishouse, perhaps she became pregnant before becoming unemployed. Losing her job would mean losing insurance. You don't know the whole story.

In other sad news, the voice and character actress Brittany Murphy was found dead. The exact circumstances of her death have not yet been disclosed. She was 32 years old. Of course there was an asshole who needed to be responded to.

 carleton1968 says
"CNN : Celeb bites big one, Losers feel need to weigh in"

Cheesemeister replies:
Losers may feel the need to "weigh in." Bigger loser feels need to show how cool s/he is by criticizing the "losers."