Saturday, April 10, 2010

25 Question Meme

25 Have You Ever Questions Survey from

Been robbed - Yes
Been skinny dipping - Yes
Been arrested - Yes
Been in an airplane - Yes
Been out of the country - Yes
Had surgery - Yes
Felt like passing out instead of enduring pain - Yes
Snuck out  without getting caught - Almost
Cried yourself to sleep - Yes
Seen a shooting star - Yes
Almost died (how many times) - twice
Been to the E. R. - Yes
Fallen in the pool (if u have one) - No
Thought consirderably about the past/furture - Yes
Been stung by a bee/wasp - Yes
Eaten raw bacon (or other meat) - Hell to the no.
Danced around in your underwear (honestly) - Yes
Gone trick or treating in no costume - No
Bitten someone - No
Been in a fist fight - Yes
Fallen down the stairs - Yes
What about tripping up them - Yes
Ignored someone till they stopped talking to you for good - No
Met someone who changed your life - Yes
Woken up screaming - Yes
Had reoccuring dreams - Yes

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Anonymous said...

I can answer a lot of these questions with "Yes", but was never near death. And what is "skinny dipping"? Have no clue what it could mean: being thin?

Cheesemeister said...

Skinny dipping is just swimming naked. In my case its called chunky dunking.