Wednesday, September 15, 2010

For Atheists and Believers, Ignorance Is No Excuse

I guess agnostics get it from all sides. One is damned by the theists and sneered at by the atheists. Whatever. I'm not interested in either those who see fit to make themselves feel righteous by damning those who don't adhere to their beliefs or those who wish to make themselves feel sophisticated by claiming they have no beliefs. I simply keep my mind open to possibilities. I believe that this is what a scientist does.

I would call myself an agnostic with Buddhist philosophies and Pagan tendencies. I like the old ways myself. Plus the old deities are so much more interesting. Some of them are even friendly.

Again, I have no problem with polite and open minded atheists or theists of whatever persuasion. It is those who have to be right above all to the point of rudeness that I have no need to bother myself with. Life's hard enough.
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Cheesemeister said...

I can see validity in the points of both atheists and theists. The point where I draw the line is when either one starts becoming militant. Then I have nothing more to say because a fundamentalist of any flavor is an unsavory being to me.