Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Fundie God

GodIs says:
God understands the problem of character and realizes that not only is the unbeliever unfit morally for Heaven, but he would choose to leave Heaven because of his discomfort with incompatible ends.

If God were to welcome the wicked into Heaven and make some allowances so that they would choose to stay, they would jeopardize the stability of the Heavenly abode. The goals of these selfish citizens would be at continual odds with those of God and the righteous citizens, throwing Heaven into turmoil and ultimately inciting insurrection and destruction.

Thus, God is obligated by His commitment to peace and harmony to confine those who have chosen self as their sole end to a place appropriate to their character. Since sinners love darkness rather than light, God gives them over to darkness. Since they love themselves supremely, God gives them an eternity to satisfy themselves. Since they love wickedness, He gives them wicked companions. Since they reject righteousness, God gives them a place devoid of righteousness. Since they love to mock the blessings of God and His love, God gives them a place devoid of Him and His love.

You see, God even loves sinners enough to give them exactly what they want most. Eternal misery and suffering in Hell is the most loving thing God can offer the unrepentant sinner.

The Cheese Says:
Right then. But your god does not make a distinction between a person who doesn't believe in him but treats everybody wonderfully, saves ten orphans from a burning building and builds a hospital for the poor; and a person who goes about stomping kittens and puppies and impaling infants. According to the fundamentalist rules, both the good hearted atheist and the evil sicko will burn in the fires of hell. This god doesn't seem like a very fair deity to me, nor loving in the least. I think I'll choose me one that has a little more sense and sensitivity.
And if your god is all powerful, how come he creates unfit creatures in the first place?