Thursday, December 30, 2010

Concerned About My Weight? Have A Big Fat Helping of STFU!

Here's the thing about pointing out to a fat person that they're fat. We fat people are fat, not stupid. We know we're fat. Now, how about treating us with common decency instead of trying to save us from ourselves, which will only make us want to sit on you and break all your bones?
The Fat Heffalump wrote all about it in this fine post.

Here is my response.

I work with the elderly. Diseases like hypertension, type II diabetes, and heart disease affect people of all sizes equally. I have seen something of a pattern with heavier people having more incidence of arthritis in the lower extremities while the more slender have higher incidence of osteoporosis. As far as I go, I'm 45 years old and currently weigh 275 pounds. I do not have any of the so-called "fat people" diseases. While carrying around extra weight may have contributed to my knees being shot, I attribute it more to having jobs where I worked on my feet for 8 plus hours a day for most of my working life. Interestingly, when I was working in a restaurant, I weighed 180 pounds. When I went back into health care working nights, my weight climbed.
My sciatica is not due to being fat--it is from carrying trays when I was a waitress. A full tray can weigh around 50 pounds.
The fact that I huff and puff when climbing stairs? That isn't from being fat either. I huffed and puffed when climbing stairs when I was a slim (although I thought I was fat) teenager who weighed 125 pounds. I have had mild asthma all my life.
Interestingly, I can easily accept other people of all sizes but have never been able to accept myself at any size.