Thursday, December 30, 2010

You're Just Choosing To be Fat

Ah, that tired old song. Joannadeadwinter covered the topic very well in her post at the fabulous Fierce, Freethinking Fatties blog. She inspired the rant which follows below:

It's the same thing as those jerks who go on about how gays "choose to be gay" and they could just as well "choose to be heterosexual." We are born with our sexual orientation hard-wired, and we are also born with certain metabolic tendencies programmed into our DNA. Some people are predispositioned to gain weight, while some could eat an entire cow slathered in cheese sauce and topped with bacon and won't gain an ounce. There isn't a right or wrong. It just is what is.
Now, people can make choices to eat healthy foods as opposed to dining at McDonald's for three meals a day, and many fat people DO make the choice to eat healthy foods. Fat people also (are you ready for it?) oftentimes exercise. There are unhealthy fat people who sit on the couch all day watching television, chowing down on a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken, and chasing it with a liter of Mountain Dew. News flash--they are probably depressed as hell. And it doesn't help to have a-holes saying vicious things to them. Hate never helped anyone get better.
There are also healthy hefty folk who are happy, eat a balanced diet, and work out.
I try to fall into the second category.
I was not heavy as a teenager, but I've always been big-boned. I literally cried when I could no longer fit into a size 9 boy's jeans. I thought of myself as "fat" at a size 6. I was actually glad when I had oral surgery and could only eat pureed food because I shrunk down to 108 pounds. I also felt like ten tons of crap in a five pound sack. And--get this--I was aiming to get down to 100 pounds.
These days I weigh 275 pounds. Would I like to lose weight? Yes. But why shouldn't I be able to accept myself as I am in the meantime? How dare anyone say hateful things about me for my size? These jerks don't even know me!
By the way, I'm pretty sure none of these heavy haters look like Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie their own damn selves.