Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lady Gaga and the Pornification of America

Parents need to be aware of what their children are watching and in some ways talking to them about what they are seeing is even more important than simply barring them from watching certain things, which only leads to a feeling of desire for the taboo. Lady Gaga's videos are not appropriate for younger children, but I see no harm in allowing an older teen with whom one has discussed sexuality and self respect to watch them. Lady Gaga is artistic and although her material is sexual, she promotes independent thinking rather than being someone's toy/eye candy as does Katy Perry or the myriad of other pop tarts. If I were to overtly express my sexuality I would feel far more empowered doing it in the manner of Lady Gaga or, to go a bit further back in time, Mae West, who express themselves as thinking, independent, strong women. Using my sexuality only to gain the approval of men, becoming a plaything, would be to compromise my own self-respect.

In my opinion, Katy Perry went the pop tart route because the Christian icon route was not garnering her enough attention/money. She's a pretty girl but not particularly talented and not very interesting. Lady Gaga is creative, independent, and original. I always thought of her work as being more for an adult audience though as a teen, I would have appreciated her as well.
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