Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Morrissey: Chinese People Are A 'Subspecies'

Good question. Skinning something alive is inhumane in any case. I can't quite wrap my head around eating dogs and cats but can perceive that someone who is starving might be desperate enough to eat one. However, just like any other animal to be used for food, the only humane thing is to slaughter it first in a way that is as quick as possible. I am not going to argue here the merits of being or not being a vegetarian. I am only going to state that for those who raise livestock in a caring and sensible way--not on factory farms--that the humane treatment of the livestock is always paramount. This includes the manner in which the animals are slaughtered. Ethical farmers would agree that suffering is to be minimized.

Those engaging in the brutal practices depicted in the videos Morrissey mentions are unconcerned with the suffering of the animals. And it is my understanding that these animals are not being used for food, but rather for fur.
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