Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What Ever Happened to Equal Rights for Women?

 "Manster" sez:

This will sound condescending and chauvinist towards women. In my experience women in the workplace first focus in the morning is food not work. At some point in time during the day most women are distracted from work having to tend to a personal issue. Men are distracted at work by their natural attraction to women. In a workplace that maintains an environment that discourages employee personal interaction productivity is very high although employee happiness takes a serious hit. Can women function in a job that openly discourages eating while working or juggling home responsibilities at work? My experience is they don't last very long because they wear their feelings and unhappiness on the exterior. Food in the work environment is always a BIG distraction not to mention unhealthy impeding productivity. I love all women; just don't like working with them.

The Cheese Retorts:
Well, Manster, I can think of a couple places where you could work without them damn women eatin' up all the food. One is an all-male bath house, the other is a gay bar.
About Women's Rights
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63mago said...

I don't get it. He dislikes eating women?

Cheesemeister said...

Well, I don't want to go there! But actually what he's saying is that women spend so much time stuffing their faces that they never get any work done, so he doesn't like to work with women. To which I say, if you hate working with women so much, go to a place where you will be guaranteed not to--like an all male bath house!

63mago said...

nomnomnom ... sorryforthecrumps ...