Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What I Look Like Isn't Who I Am

This was my response to a post at Day of the Woman regarding standards for female beauty.

I actually like to wear a little makeup and look as nice as is possible for a fat 45 year old broad, but it rarely happens due to lack of money combined with exhaustion leading to a tendency to inertia whenever I don't have to work. I have, however, always hated being defined by my appearance. Many an eon ago when dinosaurs roamed the earth I was applying for an administrative assistant position and happened to glance at what the interviewer was writing. It wasn't about my ability to type 75 WPM nor my stellar spelling skill. Nope, I was summed up in three words: "Cute little blonde."
I was not flattered, I was incensed.
Also, and I know I'm unusual in this, I do not like people commenting on any weight loss that may happen for me should I be able to stick to a diet or what have you. To me, this is a personal issue. It has nothing to do with my worth as a person. Compliment my cool outfit, should I be wearing one, or give me a generic "you look nice today." When someone says "you've lost weight--you look great!" I feel like saying "yeah, chemotherapy has that effect," because their comment implies "you looked like ten pounds of shit in a five pound sack before." I'm still the same person no matter what I weigh. That shouldn't enter into anything.
You know you've done a good post when it inspires a mini-post on my part--so, well done, BJC!


Moe said...

Nice comeback! I always hate that "you lost weight..." loose compliment because chances are I'll gain it back and have to remember when they gave the compliment.

Nessa said...

I haven't worn make up since my twenties and rarely even then to my mother's utter shame.

I agree with the you lost weight comment.