Monday, March 22, 2010

How to Kick Childhood Obesity in the Tush ... One Household at a Time

Finally, someone who is an advocate for health rather than a heavy-hater.

I was not heavy as a child, but my family's life revolved around hearty meals. My father's side of the family tend to be able to eat and although they are not skinny, they remain at an average weight. Unfortunately I took after my mother's side of the family. I started gaining in my late teens and have been fighting my weight ever since. Currently I am using the Livestrong MyPlate application and it is the first thing I have found that has shown signs of teaching me better eating habits without deprivation. Deprivation doesn't work. This inspires me to eat more healthier foods and fewer with empty calories. I haven't been hungry at all.

I am 45 and weigh 263 pounds. I am healthy--I have none of the diseases that people associate with being heavy. I don't want to become skinny or have people think I'm "hot." I would like to get to 150 pounds, which at 5'5", the fashion industry would still consider enormous. I will still have a big butt, but I had a big butt when I starved myself down to 108 pounds. It's just the way I'm built.

We need to encourage healthy models of all sizes and shapes rather than making girls of normal weight think they are "fat" when they compare themselves to unnaturally thin models in magazines.

Thank you again for your wonderful article.
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