Monday, March 15, 2010

Rielle Hunter Cried Over 'Repulsive' GQ Photos (VIDEO)

Although as I have said before I find both Rielle Hunter and John Edwards vile and self-serving and have joked (sort of) that I would have uncontrollable fits of projectile vomiting if a sex tape of them were ever to be released, for a moment I will be kinder. This woman has borderline personality disorder. She is a "drama queen" and is extremely self-centered and narcissistic. While not all people with borderline personality disorder are narcissistic, we all tend to be overly dramatic. A person who doesn't recognize this disease in themselves can be extremely difficult to deal with and tends to behave in the ways that Hunter is described as behaving.

However, much though I may sympathize with the fact that she must deal with this very difficult psychological condition, I still think she is a foul, homewrecking gold-digger and that she and Plastic Head John Edwards deserve each other.
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mago said...

By the way, you know what is with Tom? He went off line?

mago said...

Thankfully I have not the smallest idea who these people arte and I have absolutely no intention to let them into my life.

Nessa said...

I will not comment on either person.

i have been trying to reach Tom also, if anyone hears from him.

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Amanda said...

For the sake of her poor child I hope she can get help.

Cheesemeister said...

The last I heard from Tom was about a week ago. He said his wife had taken a turn for the worse. I also tried emailing him although I don't know if he's checking his email right now. I'm sure he wouldn't mind if I gave you guys his email address. Email me at if you'd like it.