Friday, March 12, 2010

Students, Not Banks

I am enrolled in the practical nursing program at my local community college and got royally screwed by financial aid. First they said that I had "completed 150% of the credits for the program." But here's the rub. They were including the credits from my EMT certification, which I obtained through the same college four years previously. Per their rules, I had to file an appeal both last fall and this Spring. The one last fall went through fine, but this spring, I received a letter stating that I was being penalized for filing too many appeals and would have to successfully complete 6 credits before being allowed to appeal for financial aid again.

They've really got themselves a racket going here. My grades have never been in question but I have been placed on "academic suspension" so they can avoid giving me financial aid. Plus, the clinical program that I am working on this semester is only worth 4.5 credits. See how that works? I have to complete six satisfactorily. So that means that they won't give me financial aid next semester, because I won't have completed six yet.

I have had to curtail my working hours in order to get through this program, and as it is, I only made $27,000 last year.

Just label me wrapped up in red tape. And I know I'm not the only one.
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Nessa said...

yeah. these places only benefit themselves.