Tuesday, September 7, 2010

'Mike & Molly,' The Sitcom About People Who Happen To Be Fat

From what I've seen, the focus of the show is their size--one fat joke after another. This is not affirming that people of size are just that--people. It is enforcing that it's "okay" to make jokes at the expense of someone who is larger. No, it is not okay. People who feel poorly about themselves are always looking for a scapegoat. These days if one scapegoats a person of another race, they will get shot down. But if someone who wants to make themselves feel better by making someone else feels bad wants to rip on a large person or a person with mental illness, it's still, sadly, socially acceptable.

Whether or not a larger person may be prone to more health problems is beside the point. The point is all the meanness I see in many of these comments, calling people piggy and sneering at them for being "unable to control themselves." Would you also rip on someone who is anorexic for being unable to put enough food in themselves? Didn't think so.

The shame and the hate help NOBODY. Being mean-spirited is a lot worse than being overweight. So how about we all stuff the viciousness and live and let live? Life is hard enough without all the junior high nastiness that we can all do without.
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