Tuesday, September 7, 2010

'Mike & Molly,' The Sitcom About People Who Happen To Be Fat

Drew, you seem to show more kindness than a lot of these prejudiced people and I salute you for that. Being overweight can be due to an eating disorder. Binge eating disorder is not talked about as often as bulimia or anorexia, but it is a real eating disorder. There are other factors that also go into a person's weight. It certainly doesn't help people avoid eating disorders that in this society people sneer at anyone who isn't a twig as being "fat." In Hollywood, people of average weight are expected to starve themselves down to an unhealthy thinness. We have a very sick and prejudiced society indeed. That is why I was glad to see some non-hateful thoughts like yours regarding this issue.

I have been on all ends of the eating disorder spectrum. I have starved myself, I have been bulimic, and currently I am struggling with the effects of having binge eaten for a number of years. My relationship with food is very negative because my relationship to myself is negative. It isn't that I sit around eating all day, but I tend to use food for comfort. I have no other addictions and I am otherwise healthy and I am active. People never know someone's whole story and should not judge till they've walked a mile in their shoes.
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