Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Name Calling Accomplishes Nothing But Breeding Ill Will

What follows is a response to an article on which started with a typically incendiary statement by Rush Limbaugh comparing the London rioters to Obama voters. Funny, I voted for Obama and I never started one single riot. I walked to the polling place, voted, and walked home, all without setting one single house or car on fire. I have been at least moderately disappointed in Obama's performance, particularly when it comes to issues such as repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell (sure took damn long enough) and standing up for the gay voters who helped put him in office. But if the choice were him or Homo-Hatin' Bachmann, I'd certainly vote him in again. Is anyone else scared by the idea that this hate-filled individual is being considered at all seriously for the highest office in the land--or that she was able to get voted into ANY kind of office?

Here is my commentary on the article:

All the name-calling is getting us exactly nowhere. I am 46 years old and never since I was a child during the Viet Nam war have I seen the country more divided. People talk about wanting to vote in more conservative candidates because of the prosperity during the Reagan era. Reagan was nothing like today's right wing reactionaries. He was a moderate Republican and a gentleman, and would be ashamed of the vehemence displayed by his party today. 
The biggest problem I have with today's conservative candidates is their refusal to abide by separation of church and state. They bring their religious views to the forefront of many of their debates. This is intolerable and will continue to polarize the parties to the point that nothing positive can be accomplished.
I would like to see more fiscal conservatism and less Fundamentalist reactionary rhetoric in the Right wing. I would like to see less name calling and finger pointing on both sides. It is accomplishing nothing and so much needs to be fixed for the good of all.