Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Margaret Jensvold, Maryland Mom Who Killed Son Ben Barnhard, Agonized Over School Costs

How completely and utterly sad. I live with suicide ideation myself, and have often thought about killing myself with the burden of debt that I have been under the last five years. I would not have thought of killing my son. In fact he is the only reason I am still alive. This woman must have been in utter despondenc­y to commit this act.

As well, it is time to address the bullying of heavy children. This is not excusable any more than bullying gay children or children with handicaps. Whether or not it is "healthier­" to be thin is a moot point. This boy, whatever size he was, should not have had to endure taunting. We need to stop giving carte blanche to those who scapegoat larger people. Cruelty is cruelty.
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