Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cheesy Rant Time: Natural Supplements

This was in response to an article on Cracked, of all things. 

Okay, #6 thru ten had me saying "hell yeah!" Especially the one about spotting a douchebag. I could have saved myself a lot of time and misery in my youth if I'd known that.
#1-5 made me want to slap the author. I came here for Cracked, not for Health Voice or Self or whatever. And now I have to make a non-humorous rant instead of a semi-humorous comment and I hate you.
Some natural supplements DO work. I for one cannot tolerate most prescription medications. I have hypothyroidism (among several other minor and annoying health issues) and when my doctor gave me prescription thyroid replacement, I developed artificially induced hyperthyroidism which caused my blood pressure to spike, my heart to race, and me to have horrific panic attacks that nearly landed me in the ER. My body does not process this shit properly and it just builds up. When I started using a natural supplement to stimulate my thyroid to do what it should have been doing, my thyroid readings normalized within six months without any of those shitty side effects. My doctor is a holistic physician. He prescribes pharmaceutical medication and utilizes herbal medications as well, and he was very pleased with this result. So yeah, some of the natural stuff does work. Do you have a degree in medicine? If you don't, then you oughtn't be making blanket statements like this that may stop people from finding another path to helping themselves feel better. Pharmaceuticals are hard on the liver and kidneys. They should not be prescribed willy-nilly.
I'm not usually this much of a grouch. But that one really irritated me.