Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Should Dads Be Allowed in the Birthing Room?

Back in 1985 I worked for this chauvinistic butt of an evictions lawyer (talk about selling your soul to the devil) who would refer to time spent with his son while his wife went out running errands as "babysitting." This guy hated women. He would take us to meetings at restaurants to show how generous he was, then end up getting sloshed and assessing every woman who walked by. The wife he had the son with was the woman he had been cheating on his first wife with. He would also talk about his wife in a derogatory fashion, saying how her t*ts were starting to sag and he was going to buy her a boob job. He fired most of his assistants after 6 months. He must have liked me--he kept me for ten. Lucky me. When I refused to illegally change a date on a court docket, he had his paralegal give me the axe because he was too chicken to do it himself. When I literally danced out of the office, I overheard him saying to the paralegal "what, he didn't cry?"

I tell this tale to illustrate the kind of man that does babysit his own children. Hope it entertained a few of ya!
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