Sunday, June 27, 2010

C'mon, Queen, tell it like it is!

There was a portion of an interview with Queen Latifah over at the wonderful Pam's House Blend blog. Pam is speculating whether the Queen is in the closet and imploring her to come out if she is, as hers would be a great voice for the GLBT community.

This is my reply to the article:
What you're all saying makes a lot of sense. Of course it matters not to me whether or not Queen Latifah is bi, gay, or straight. She's a great actress and an intelligent, strong woman. If she is gay, I would only respect her all the more for being lesbian and proud.
One thing I admire her for is not being ashamed of her build. As a big woman myself I walk a fine line between being big and bold and saying "any of you who don't like it can kiss my fat ass" and hating myself for not being a stick figure.