Saturday, June 26, 2010

Judgmental Jerks of Whatever Ilk

A blog friend stated at the end of one of her posts that "any comments that smack of mindfulness and new age horseshit will be deleted."

This was my response:
I have the same feelings much of the time. While I am kind of an agnostic pagan person I too hate the comments about "mindfulness" and how if I would just "think positive" my life would stop sucking. Or just as bad, people who tell me to pray to their god for a solution. Their god does not like me and I've no need for him. I don't want to belittle the decent Christians out there but I have run into so many who are harsh and judgmental, and so many new age types who are arrogant and with an air of superiority that I have pretty well soured on the whole thing.
Adding on:
I find a life without spiritual beliefs or at least the possibility thereof to be dull as dirt. And I also hate the type of atheist who acts like they are superior because they believe in nothing and think other people are stupid because they believe something beyond this life could exist or does exist. Basically I hate anybody who feels the need to cram their damn opinion down other people's throats. The only thing we know for sure is that we don't know anything for sure. I won't try to cram my opinion down your throat. Now do me the same courtesy.

Oh yeah, and the other thing that pisses me off is when I express an opinion about NOT wanting to be in a romance and being celibate by choice and not for religious reasons, people think they have the right to tell me that I am "missing one of life's great joys." Really. If it were such a joy, wouldn't I have it in my life now?