Friday, June 4, 2010

Parents: It's Okay to Have a Favorite Child

I find myself wondering if the author is trying to justify the fact that she favors one of her children. In a family in which there are multiple children, a parent may find that one child shares their interests but it does not mean you can show that child more kindness or give them more opportunities than your other children. My brother always got out of getting household chores because "that's girl's work," and he was given more opportunities to explore when it came to education. I was expected to go into a "female profession" such as secretary or nurse. When I wanted to take a women's history course, I was told that "only lesbians do that and if you take that course, we won't help you pay for your education." I ended up dropping out of college after one semester, and then out of secretarial school. My mother once introduced me and my brother to a friend as "our son who is an honors student and our daughter who dropped out of secretarial school" and then wondered why I stormed out in a huff. Favoritism is damaging. This article's premise is seriously whack.
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