Friday, June 4, 2010

Shameless Asexual Freaks!

This was my response to a forum post in which people had begun to argue whether there was something "wrong" with a person who is asexual.

Some people have very low sex drive. For others such as myself, being celibate is a conscious choice. I do not like casual sex and due to various circumstances in my life, including having borderline personality disorder, I have come to realize that I am not capable of having a healthy romantic relationship. Therefore, for me celibacy or asexuality is a conscious choice. I don't see where anyone has a right to tell a person that there is something wrong with them for either being uninterested in sex or choosing not to have sex, any more than it would be right for me to tell people who are sexually active that they are wrong for having sex.
I certainly don't think of myself as superior for choosing a celibate life. It is not what I would have decided upon for myself. But after many a year of miserable and abusive relationships I reached middle age, my sex drive dropped, and I no longer have any desire to play the game. In my case its as simple as that.