Sunday, June 6, 2010

Urban Outfitters' 'Eat Less' T-Shirt PULLED From Website, But Still In Stores

Josef, any eating disorder has an underlying cause, whether that disorder is anorexia, bulimia, or binge eating. Rather than shaming overweight people, we need to be looking at the reasons why they have habits that make them overweight. It is usually NOT laziness, which is what people want to believe. Sometimes there is an underlying medical condition, and sometimes there are psychological problems. Some people actually are addicted to food. It is one hell of a nasty addiction. One can avoid alcohol, drugs, or cigarettes but one cannot avoid food. And if one is addicted, it is not as easy as only eating the good stuff. That works for people whose brains work normally, but it is very difficult for someone whose satiation centers are wired to respond to eating. Instead of shaming each other, we need to be supportive of each other. What we need more than demeaning messages are supportive ones. Let someone's nutritionist or personal trainer be the one to tell them to eat less while the rest of us butt out and show some common decency.
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