Thursday, August 19, 2010

And now--The Scintillating Viewpoints of Ground Zero strippers

Strippers--yes, strippers--who work near Ground Zero, were asked to weigh in about their opinion on the mosque to be built in the area.
Strippers...really. They had to seek out the viewpoint of strippers, because...?

It would be one thing if they were asking people on the street and one of them happened to be a stripper. But it seems peculiar to me to deliberately seek out the viewpoint of strippers on an issue such as this. It would have made more sense to seek the viewpoint of law enforcement, firefighters, religious leaders of whatever domination--but strippers?
The only reason I can think of that people in this profession were chosen was because "sex sells."
I look for the Ground Zero Adult Film Performers to weigh in next week.