Sunday, August 22, 2010

Courtney Love Has Twitter Freak Out Over Daughter Frances Bean's 18th Birthday

I just hope that this young lady is able to get around the terrible addiction problems that plagued both of her parents. Certain people's brains seem to be wired for addiction and one has to make a conscious effort not to fall victim to it. Mood disorders are also hereditary and both of her parents evidently had these as well. Kurt seemed like a gentle, down to earth guy who was sadly overwhelmed by his physical (stomach pain) and emotional/psychological issues. I don't think that Courtney is a bad person at heart. She obviously has serious emotional/psychological issues herself. Evidently she struggles with addiction and she appears to have borderline personality disorder. Until she works on controlling the negative actions inherent to these problems, she will never be able to repair her relationship with her daughter.
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