Thursday, August 19, 2010

Obsession with Youth is Sad

TV anchorman Anderson Cooper has been offered a million dollars to test a supplement that would supposedly reverse his prematurely gray hair.
Our youth-obsessed culture is ridiculous. I would much rather see a person who has aged naturally than the Botoxed manikins of Hollywood. While it's up to the individual if they want to color their hair, and while there's nothing wrong with taking this pill as long as there are no negative side effects, there is also nothing wrong with gray hair. In fact, I used to dye my hair because I disliked the natural color, but once it became mostly gray, I quit dyeing it. I'm 45 and my hair is mostly gray. It causes some young restaurant hostesses to present me with the senior menu because everyone believes that gray=old, regardless of my relatively line-free face, but I don't care. I actually feel much freer with my gray hair and, in fact, I think that it looks better. Plus, my hair is much healthier for the fact that I'm not dyeing it any more.