Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Laurence Fishburne Secretly Footing Montana's Legal Bills In Violent Assault Case

My feeling is that this is a very sick young woman. I'm not saying this to be snide or mean, nor from some holier than thou position. My own bipolar disorder was misdiagnosed until I was nearly 40, because type II bipolar disorder presents with hypomanias rather than full manias. While I never considered a career in porn nor was I promiscuous, I would get involved with (and obsessed with) men who were extremely bad for me and make inane, self-destructive decisions. As I am not a psychologist and have not spoken to Ms. Fishburne personally I can't say for sure that she has bipolar disorder, but many of her statements and actions lead me to believe that she does have some sort of psychiatric dysfunction.

People on the whole still tend to see mental illness as somehow less worthy of concern than physical illness, and see those who suffer from it as less intelligent or even less human. Thus, those who need help and their families are often ashamed to seek treatment.

I hope that this young woman gets treatment for her very real psychiatric issues before it's too late for her. Untreated bipolar disorder, for instance, has a strikingly high rate of attempted suicide.
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