Saturday, August 21, 2010

Katie Price Launches Custom iPod Dressed In Nanos (PHOTOS)

Perhaps I'm getting dense in my old age, but I could probably scratch my head bloody trying to figure out why I'd be inspired to buy an IPOD that was based on a tattoo to be found somewhere on the body of a porn star looking broad with over the top fake boobs and a plastic face to match.
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Anonymous said...

My dear, that has nothing to do with "old age" - you are the same age as me, we are not yet old! - it has to do with something oldfashioned called value, selfestimation. These people - they who sell their bodies or parts of them, and customers, who buy an illusion - these peoples I say are genuinely mad. They lost something. In the end I thing they lost themselves and are only fakes, they became the media fakes they put in scene. And that is obscene.
And now, I will not look in the Huffington Post.

Nessa said...

You can actually see the stretch marks from her artificially inflated mammaries.