Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kill 'Em All

Oh joy, an evil creepy doll
Where are all the friends who used to talk to me
All they ever told me was good news
(Alan Parsons Project--breakdown)

I really hate the human race
I'm sick and tired of life and disappointed as hell in myself
This morning was spent being the victim of a fucking troll. Yes, in my quest to do the right thing, I actually fell for what this turd was doing. Oh, and by the way, fuck you, Facebook. If someone posts a picture of bare ass and even one person reports it, that picture is gone. If someone posts a gratuitious picture of animal cruelty, it takes thousands of people and many, many days and still nothing is done about it. Fuck you, Facebook. You turds suck.
The troll was posting pictures of dead cats on a pro-cats page.
I fell for his bullshit that he was the one killing them until he started saying crap like "it's best when you stuff them in a jar and fuck the jar" and "one day I want to kill a baby."
I was so convinced that I contacted the Australian authorities. Because something the shithead said made it apparent that he was in Australia.
No, he's just another turd finding sick pictures of dead animals from the myriad of sick fucks on the internet and using them. He is a useless waste of oxygen. And you know what I think? I think that such wastes of oxygen, along with those who commit actual crimes of animal and human cruelty--I'm not talking about ignorance leading to animal negligence but about deliberate, vicious cruelty--should have a bullet through the head. No trial, just kill the piece of shit. They serve no useful purpose. I'm sick of trying to have love for my fellow human. The human race has spawned way too many of these rejects. I am filled with hate and want them to all die horribly. If this makes me evil, then I am evil. I really don't care what anybody thinks. My soul feels as empty and angry as Creepy Doll's eyes.
Whenever I try to do anything good I just end up looking stupid.
I don't believe in the possibility that I will ever accomplish anything of worth any more. I am a loser and a washout. Once nothing is depending on me any more there is no reason to continue living.
My son just wants to get away from here and I don't blame him. He still needs my help to a degree and is trying to help me. But it's no good, any of it.
I'm a dismal failure. Every time I try to do anything worthwhile, I just fail.
I don't even have anyone who reads my stupid blog blathering any more or cares at all.
If you are an Internet troll reading this you are even more worthless than I am and should go kill yourself now.


Anonymous said...

Ta - at least here's one fucking reader!
You know that the shit and the stupidity is there and will be there, regardless you notice it or not. And you can not change it - it repeats itself. Do the wise thing and ignore the stupidity and the brutal nonsense.
And by the way you are not worthless. I will repeat it until you believe it - and, no stomping with your foot on the ground will not lead anywhere.
I am surrounded by mothers left by their sons, daughters too but that has another quality. Some of these sons are real assholes and behave pretty bad towards their mothers. I am not a darling there and open my mouth, so I am not too much liked by these young supermen, and vice versa. Some just need a good kick in the arse.
Seen on this background I think the relation with your son is good. Of course it's time now for him to leave. It's natural and necessary, C.
I heared that there is a film coming out about your spooky friend. Critics say that the makers of the film could have used a bit more distance to the topic of their project and so tend to glorify the murderous idiots. I have not seen it and I wonder if I want to see it.
Now I will take a shower and then go out into this beautiful afternoon: Grab your dogs and go out too, good for the brain!
'til later!

Cheesemeister said...

Sadly, I haven't any of the spooky kinds of friends any more. They must have found better people to hang with.
Thanks for writing. I really am feeling very alone.
My son's staying here for a while because I desperately need his help. I can't fix this place up on my own.
I do wish that I still had people that stopped by every now and again--it was fun to have that little banter. Not trolls, but good people. I'm glad you did.