Tuesday, August 17, 2010

True Blood Swings Both Ways

I appreciate that True Blood doesn't pander to the "female bisexuality is hot, male bisexuality is gross" double standard. It's all okay.
I've known more than one person--women included--who will be very derogatory when speaking of gay men but say that it's okay for women to make out with other women. I call them on it. Why is it okay for women but not for men? That's ridiculous!
I'm straight and have no desire to make out with a woman, but a bisexual or lesbian woman isn't "gross" in my eyes. That's just how they roll. I don't understand why anyone's sexuality is a big deal, so long as they aren't molesting children or animals.

I even saw a post from someone on the fan page for True Blood's openly gay character Lafayette Reynolds saying that they didn't want to see Lafayette making out with another guy. Really? I think you'll be disappointed then. The character is gay. G-A-Y. He likes other guys. 
Seriously...sometimes people just make me scratch my head.
Lafayette is my very favorite character on True Blood, which is why I named this cute little guy after him. One of my rescue kittehs.