Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The New, Atypical College Student: NPR Report

It's long past time for schools to reshape their curricula to work with the lives of the ever-increasing numbers of non-traditional students. Many schools do offer classes at various times, as well as online class options. For those who have never taken an online class, it is NOT easier, although it does offer the option of doing the classwork at odd hours and the convenience of not having to go to a classroom. I have, in fact, found that the tests in online classes are harder. Plus if you are an auditory learner, such a format would be terrible for you.

My own experience with inflexible curriculum hell concerns the nursing program that I am involved with. Many of the classes have no afternoon or evening option, and the clinical shifts have no afternoon option. I can understand not having a night shift option as the night shift is an odd beast (note that I did not say easier.) But for someone who works night shift on their regular job (as I do) doing a day shift clinical is pure hell. Having an evening shift option would be preferable.

The difficulties I am experiencing in completing the nursing certification seem to be pretty ubiquitous. If there is indeed a nursing shortage, doesn't it stand to reason that schools (and the federal funding sources) would want to make obtaining a certification more feasible?

I don't even have room to discuss financial aid gripes--which are many.
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