Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sara Rue's Jenny Craig Commercial: 50 Pounds Heavier I Didn't Want To Leave The House (VIDEO)

The multibillion dollar diet industry has us all by the short hairs. It's sad when people get into the mindset (I am also guilty of this) of "until I see a certain number on the scale, I can't pursue my dreams." What a crock!

If no-one has ever seen the Twilight Zone episode "Number Twelve Looks Just Like You," it's worth a look. A world where everybody looks the same is a very boring one. I despise the Hollywood standard, which gives us nothing but Botoxed faces, fake boobs, and skinny manikins. A lot of the time I prefer watching foreign films because there is more diversity in the way people look--just like in the real world.

A decision to lose weight is a personal one. And personally, I don't like compliments based on my appearance other than perhaps a generic "you look nice today." I look how I look. It's meaningless. The only compliments that are worth anything to me are those based on my accomplishments. I suppose it could be argued that getting in shape is an "accomplishment," but I see it as more a personal thing.

Anyway, we shouldn't be judging one another based on looks but on how we treat one another and the world around us.
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