Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dr. Frank Ryan Dead: Heidi Montag's Plastic Surgeon Dies In Car Crash At Age 50

If he'd just had Heidi sitting on his lap while he was driving he would have been okay. So would she. Those air bags he installed in her chest would have protected them both.

I need to stop reading this stuff--it's rotting my brain. That's probably the most shallow and rude comment I've ever made about anything. Snarky is my normal, but generally I avoid rude.

Unfortunately I had zero respect for the guy, as I have zero respect for anybody that installs ridiculous silicone melons into people's chests. Reconstructive surgery is one thing, as is giving a little boost to someone who doesn't have much in the chest department and wants a little more. But 44DD or whatever she ended up with? As well as the ass ton of other surgery she got? Ridiculous. This man was only thinking of his wallet, not of his patient's well being.
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Nessa said...

I guess plastic surgery does keep you young forever.