Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bad Friendship Blues

You were a bad friend
Who only wanted to use me for your own ends
And I should be glad that you went away
But I guess I'm lonely and pathetic
And even though I should forget it
I wish I still had a friend
Even if they were a bad one
That didn't give a damn about me
Only what I had to offer
And why can't I just see
That I'm so much better off
Without you in my life to use me
I just wish I had someone to talk to
Wish I could meet a real friend
One that thought I was a cool friend
And wouldn't make me a fool in the end
Don't want no more users
Don't want no more takers
I wish I had a real friend
Fucking sick of fakers
But right now I'm feeling lonely
I'm near my wit's end
You know it's a bad time
When you start missing a bad friend.

Bad song thought up by the Cheesy One, sitting alone at a quarter to eight, thinking about getting ready to go to a job she may not hate but is pretty damn tired of.