Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Demon Spawn's Mother Needs Discipline

Sometimes the shit you read is completely unbelievable. A five year old child brutally attacked his disabled grandmother while her daughter sat by and did nothing. Read on at The Dreamin' Demon, which is a crime reporting site that tells it like it is.

Here is my response, and a rather humiliating true confession.

Elder abuse is a more common problem than most people realize. This child needs one whole hell of a lot of psychological work. It sounds like he's a sociopath already. I once dealt with a child who was extremely angry and acting out after his father died, but he didn't go to these extremes. Unfortunately I was a dumb seventeen year old and my brother was a dumb thirteen year old and we overdisciplined him after he got in the middle of our homework and threw it all over, then tried to hit us. (We were babysitting for him at the time.) I swatted him hard on the butt and my brother grabbed his arm and made him go to his room. Not cool, but even with that douchebag move, we were a far cry from most of the assholes one reads about here who beat kids to near death or even to death. We got a talking to, the kid got a talking to, we understood what we'd done wrong and never did it again. I've always regretted what we did in that situation.
Seriously, in the situation you described, the one most at fault is the daughter. Who as another commenter pointed out, is probably also abusing her mother. She is as well abusing her son, if not corporally, than by neglect.