Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Diesel: Jeans for the Stupid

Diesel Jeans  have an ongoing campaign, the motto of which is "Be Stupid." What this tells me is that only stupid people wear Diesel Jeans, and/or that hipsters are stupid. It's cool to be stupid, and only unhip, uncool people would want to be seen as smart.

Wow. Fortunately I'm not a hipster, or my head might explode from the resulting contradiction coming from the need to buy the latest hipster clothing and the converse desire to hurl when I see these ads. If anything, they would drive me away from purchasing these jeans rather than towards that decision. Of course these jeans are probably outlandishly overpriced, which would lead me to make a more sensible purchase in the first place.
These ads are seriously idiotic, and anyone who would want to emulate what is depicted in them is a serious idiot.