Friday, August 6, 2010

Do Ten Year Olds Know Right From Wrong?

A post on the Dreamin Demon about a couple of little turds who used the excuse that they "saw it on You Tube" to torture dogs.

My response: It is true that the so called adults in this situation totally failed. But I knew people when I was growing up that were pretty much left to fend for themselves, and they never would have done this kind of thing. They "saw it on you tube" is not an excuse. I saw that horrific video on you tube where the so called soldier threw that helpless puppy off a bridge (and now he dares to cry about people hating on him.) It did not inspire me to throw a puppy off a bridge, although if this insult to the Marines was ever standing on a bridge and I knew I could get away with it, I would gladly push him off. I have also seen scantily clad females shaking their money maker on you tube. It did not inspire me to whip out a web cam, stick my ass in it, and post the results on you tube. When I was ten years old I did some naughty things (no, none of them included harming animals) such as pissing on a disliked neighbor's lawn and filling condoms with mayonnaise and sticking them on people's door knobs. However, I was aware that these activities were considered no-no's and there were consequences should I be caught. A ten year old does have the capacity to gauge right and wrong.