Wednesday, August 4, 2010

This train is WAAAAAY off the track

The post is about a gay couple who saved the life of their homophobic neighbor and his family. But many of the commenters, instead of sticking to the subject of the thread and saying "hurray for the heroic homos" instead decided it was necessary to bash one well-meaning straight ally because he made the unforgivable mistake of using the word "God."

This is what I had to say in response.
It bothers me that just because Derrick mentioned "God," people jumped all over him for using that word instead of realizing the spirit in which it was intended. Derrick was speaking in favor of this couple. I rather despise organized religion myself and feel that it does more harm than good, but what good does it do to attack a well-intentioned person. He's not a fire-and-brimstone bible-thumpin' homo-basher. He's one of the good ones. If all Christians were like him, I'd have no problem at all with them.