Friday, August 6, 2010

With Friends Like These--When Do You Forgive and Forget?

Unlike you, I don't feel I have more potential for friendships as I've gotten older. Being stuck at work or doing something connected to work, the potential is far less. Most of the friends I have are long distance friends. The only friendship I ever deliberately ended was one where said friend literally had a mental breakdown, started accusing me of being the reason her store was failing, and started sending bizarre, insulting messages to my house that she had made using cut out words and letters from magazines. This was a friendship of 18 years. It was very sad to me that it had to end this way.

I think some people enter friendships the way they enter relationships. It's only "fun" while it's in the infatuation stage. Once the infatuation dies, they move on. They are seeking excitement rather than commitment. I do not want either a romantic partner or a platonic friend who is like this.
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